*Disclaimer: It has always been my belief that you can ruin a good painting by saying too much about it. Paintings can be experienced in many different ways. But by discussing a painting you run the risk of detracting from the overall experience. Words are clumsy and often fall short when it comes to interpreting a work of art.

That being said, I’d like to make this statement brief.

My work is meant to move the viewer. Not so much emotionally move them but to physically move them. My intention is to cause their minds to swim and and their arms to sway. The motion I transmit with energetic mark making is meant to coax the viewer into an entirely new head space of rhythm and motion. 

Once a professor told me that painters have the biggest challenge out of any creatives in the entire art realm. She went on to say, “It’s because a painter’s work does not sing, it does not dance, it does not call attention to itself as a live performance might.”

My entire body of work has been a practice in proving this statement absolutely false.