Born in Eau Claire Wisconsin in 1988, McKenna Ihde was handed a crayon at the tender age of one and instinctively put tool to paper.  It was at that point that her spirit began its artistic genesis toward her expressive multi-media creations.  Brightly patterned textiles adhered to canvas were born from her great love of thrifting. This artist challenges the possibilities in salvaging and restoring beauty from what others discard.

She graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay with a BA degree in Art and Arts Management.  She’s never been able to justify piling on more student debt, so her dynamic style has evolved away from the brick and mortar educational systems.

She lives minimally in her 17” travel trailer in Washington State. There she is surrounded by the authentic beauty of natural summits and slopes which are omnipresent in her brush strokes. Actual texture is an automatic bi-product of her surroundings. The tactile nature of her paintings allows the viewer’s eye to have an artistic experience that bridges the gap between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional worlds.

McKenna has always been an advocate for nature in motion. Her compositions often depict a flurry of flower petals and honey bees in the state of coordinated chaos. She believes that if Mother Nature had a choice She would rather not pose for a calming landscape painting but instead would prefer to be part of a dynamic dance of varied imperfection.

McKenna Ihde’s art celebrates the imperfect beauty in nature along with an open hearted responsibility to honor the environment where she resides.  Her unique creations have experienced international acclaim. Her works convey a passion to repurpose materials that no longer serve their original purpose.